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Firearms charges can result in imprisonment and the convicted person will lose their right to carry firearms, and therefore if you’re facing firearms charges, you need to contact a competent lawyer.

James Kosnett is a well-known weapons defense attorney in Los Angeles. He has several years of experience in defending his clients against all types of firearms charges. He and his attorneys have stood up for defending the rights of their clients in Los Angeles for several years. Because of their experience and expertise in weapons laws, they know how to protect their patrons against weapons charges. Their priority is obtaining an acquittal so that you can go ahead with your life.

Why you need to hire an attorney?
Weapons charges have several serious implications. If you’ve been charged with a weapons offense, you need a competent attorney to defend your case.

Most people are familiar with common weapons laws. There are also some lesser known laws that often catch people by surprise.

At Kosnett Law Firm, we defend our clients against the following weapons charges:

• Possession of unregistered firearms or assault weapons
• Dealing in assault weapons without a license
• Carrying a concealed and/or loaded handgun
• Manufacture or possession of destructive devices
• Transfer of large capacity magazines
• Possession of grenade launchers and grenades
• Possession of machine guns or their conversion parts
• Possession of multi-burst trigger activators
• Possession of shotguns and short barreled rifles
• Possession of silencers
• Illegal discharge of firearms
• Making false statements to obtain firearms
• Possession of firearms by a convicted felon
• Possession of prohibited arms like Billy Club, Switchblade Knives, Brass Knuckles, etc.
• Brandishing a firearm
• Assault with a weapon
• Using firearms for self defense
• Using firearms in a restricted area

The word weapon has a very broad definition. Deadly weapons include weapons listed above and several other items including tear gas, box cutters, keys, and a car. Even your own fist will be considered as a weapon if it is used to hurt another person.

If your legal right to carry a firearm has been revoked because of a previous conviction, a mental health problem or a restraining order, we can help you get your rights restored.

The Second Amendment to the US constitution protects your right to carry firearms. We have a thorough understanding of this law and are adept at using its provisions to protect your rights.

We believe that every person is innocent until they are proven guilty, and our duty is to prove your innocence in court. Over the years, we have got several individuals acquitted of weapons charges. We are eager to achieve the same results with you.

We will try our level best to help you get a favorable verdict by employing various proven techniques. These include:

• Making all required court motions
• Gathering evidence to support your case
• Interviewing all witnesses of your case
• Negotiating a favorable plea if that is necessary or seeking a reduction or dismissal of the charges leveled against you
• If sentencing seems unavoidable, we will seek alternative sentencing like electronic surveillance, community service or weekends in jail.

Contact Kosnett Law Firm to know how we can help you. During the initial consultation, we will assess your case thoroughly and discuss all possible options. Call 877-959-2937 for a free consultation.

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