The Best California Expulsion Defense Lawyers

At Kosnett Law, we defend expulsion at every educational level.

At the University level, we help you prepare the defense, and if your University’s rules permit, we will attend your meetings with the student conduct administrators and assist you at your hearing. Sometimes we can negotiate a settlement. For example, we can negotiate a return to school, or a voluntary withdrawal, with a clean record on your transcript.

If an appeal at the University is available, we can ghostwrite it for you. We have successfully appealed college expulsions in many states across America.

If necessary, we can seek judicial review of your expulsion, via writ of mandate or similar procedure.

At the public high school, middle school, or elementary school levels, we can fully represent you at expulsion hearings, pursuant to state law. If necessary, we can appeal to the County Board of Education, and if further appeal is necessary, we can file a petition for writ of administrative mandamus or mandate in the court system.

Sometimes we can negotiate a voluntary withdrawal from the District, avoiding an expulsion on your record, and thus helping with a future college admission application.

At the private school level, we can invoke the provisions of the contract, to take advantage of whatever due process the private school has promised to provide. We can also bring a lawsuit against the school for breach of that contract, as well as civil damages sounding in tort.

Protect your future, and keeping your educational record clean, by avoiding an expulsion, at all costs!


Whatever the education related issue, we are here to provide the best legal advice and representation, at every level. To schedule a free consultation, call us or email us at 877-959-2937.

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