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Hazing Defense

Hazing is a truly unfortunate circumstance that occurs in our society when an individual is forced to undergo humiliating and sometimes tortuous ritualistic activities when joining a certain group, organization, or team. Hazing comes in many forms and it can happen in both male or female groups, but it is most often relegated to young adults of high school and college age. While this practice can be physically and emotionally traumatic to those who are truly victims of hazing, what many people don’t realize is the damage that occurs when another student is wrongfully accused of hazing or implicated in a hazing incident. When you are accused of hazing, it is a serious accusation that can affect your future and your education. Many fraternities and sororities that are accused of hazing need knowledgeable legal representation to reduce or eliminate any punishment for the incident. At Kosnett Law, we help students stand up against accusations of hazing to protect their rights, particularly in school disciplinary proceedings.

How Hazing is Adjudicated in Colleges and Universities in California.

When a college or university has a report of hazing, they often deal with it internally through their own disciplinary process. When claims are severe, students may also face a criminal prosecution, but there are often when there is insufficient evidence to proceed with a criminal prosecution, but the accused is still brought before a school disciplinary board. These boards have broad authority to inflict many different types of punishments on the student, including expulsion and discipline that is on the student’s permanent educational record. In these instances, it is crucial that the student has representation. The punishments that a school disciplinary authority can deal out can affect the student for the rest of their education and their career. They have a right to defend themselves against these claims throughout the proceedings against them. At Kosnett Law, we can help you make sure your rights are protected in the student disciplinary process.

How Kosnett Law Can Help with Your California Hazing Lawsuit
At Kosnett Law, we have helped many families who have dealt with the fallout of a hazing accusation. Many families do not realize the permanent nature of school disciplinary decisions until it is too late, and their child’s future has been compromised by a false accusation of hazing. Sometimes, a student can be accused even though they did not participate in the hazing, but simply because they were a member of a student group affected by the hazing incident.

In addition, many students and parents do not understand that there are different evidentiary and legal standards at play in a school hearing, providing fewer protections and legal rights to the accused parties than a criminal hearing would. Even if your school does not allow you to have an attorney present at your hearing, Kosnett law can still help by advising you, coaching you, and ghostwriting your appeals and emails to authorities. Having an experienced California hazing defense lawyer by your side throughout the process will help make sure your rights are not compromised in the process. The experienced California Hazing Lawyers at Kosnett law can help you get the resources you need to recover from this accusation and move forward. Call our offices today to schedule a consultation where we can review the facts of your case.

Why you should hire us

At Kosnett Law Firm, we understand that a criminal charge can ruin a person’s life. It puts your career and wealth at risk. We try our best to ensure that our clients’ rights are not violated. When you are facing a serious criminal charge, you need nothing but the best legal defense.
Don’t wait until charges are filed against you. A competent attorney will be able to intervene and get the charges reduced or dismissed altogether during the investigatory phase. We prefer one-on-one discussions with our clients as this allows us to evaluate your case thoroughly and to find an appropriate course of action. Our priority is to ensure that our clients get the verdict they want. We won’t back down even if there are strong evidences against you. We understand that sometimes circumstances can create evidences against innocent people as well. We will utilize our resources and experience to protect you from a conviction – It is our promise.

A criminal conviction will destroy your relationships and career. It will lead to imprisonment and other penalties, including fines.

It is imperative that you hire a legal team that has the skills, knowledge, and experience required to defend you against the charges. We will investigate the circumstances surrounding your case so that we can build a powerful defense. Remember that when it comes to a criminal case, the right attorney makes all the difference. If you have a competent advocate on your side, your chances of success are high. Every person who faces a criminal charge has the constitutional right to legal counsel. You can trust our team to provide dedicated and exceptional legal defense to protect your interests.

Facing a criminal charge can be a stressful experience. You need experienced legal representation to sail through this tough phase.

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