The attorneys at Kosnett Law Firm in Los Angeles consider their client’s interests to be their top priority, whether it involves enabling a student to advance or graduate, assisting a professional in obtaining or retaining a license, resolving an attorney-client fee dispute, or helping someone accused of a crime obtain an acquittal or avoid a lengthy prison sentence.

We know we are doing something right when we hear from our clients regarding their satisfaction with the way we handled their case and the outcome we achieved. See below to read from clients and colleagues who took the time to let us know how we are doing. If you need advice or representation in a particular matter, contact our office for a free consultation.


Definitely 5 starts – wonderful, nice, professional service!!
Mr. John Alexander is very helpful and professional, always response, taking his time to help and explain.
I would recommend this law firm to everybody. Best experience I have ever had comparing to other companies
PC, Playa del Rey, CA

We have worked with both Attorney James Kosnett and Attorney John Alexander. They helped me ask for things I didn’t realize I had the right to and made sure my daughter has her special needs met and is treated fairly under the law. They have made availability when school have me short notice. I won’t negotiate without John or James present. Nothing but gratitude for a job well done every time.

Absolutely wonderful lawyer for academic dishonesty cases, the only one I would recommend. I was accused of cheating by another student with a vendetta against me at a major UC and referred to the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students is not somewhere that you want to go and is honestly a highly convoluted place that tries to trip students up into admitting guilt for something they didn’t even do every step along the way. Thankfully, I retained Mr. Kosnett before meeting the Dean and Mr. Kosnett’s expertise and experience dealing with the UC was crucial in me proving my innocence and not falsely admitting guilt as the associate dean wanted me to do. If you’re referred to the dean of students, DO NOT walk into there alone thinking it will be okay. It will not be okay. Don’t play yourself. In fact, do yourself a favor and retain Mr. Kosnett before even replying to any of their emails. 5/5 stars

Kosnett Law Firm is a great team. They are professional, understanding, and helpful when I came in not knowing what I wanted. I wanted to mention that John Alexander and James Kosnett were very responsive and always communicated about the procedure and progress of the case. They were easy to reach when I needed them. I would highly recommend Kosnett Law Firm.

THE BEST!! Great service, very professional and always responsive. Mr. John Alexander helped us so much and achieved to help with a case that another law firm before was not able to solve. I would always recommend them. Such a wonderful and stress free experience . Thank you so much for providing such great help

(owner) reply

Petra – we were so happy to get the result we did for you and your family. Thank you for the kind words.

I have worked with James as an investigator since the 1980’s. His calm and cool demeanor with his vast knowledge of law, make him a player with all the right tools. The Kosnett firm is unparalleled. Never give up a good fight.

Hello Mr. Kosnett,
I finished all of the spacing and grammar and heading and all the suggestions you told me to add. I emailed it over to Dean Brown.
Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate you through this tough time.

Hello Mr. Kosnett and Mr. Alexander,
Well, that is certainly a lovely way to start the week among all the madness going on around us!
Now that the Summer balance is taken care of, we can move on working with Pooja. I’ll email Ina to confirm the next steps now that my FAFSA is complete and submitted and that the Summer balance has been resolved.
Thank you to both of you for your help in this process and please stay safe and indoors!


Thank you very much James.
You did a terrific job for our family. You really helped us sort out our various thoughts in this emotional matter, and we appreciate you resolving this for us quickly.

Hope you have a great holiday season.

– C.Y.L.

Good afternoon Mr. Kosnett,
My daughter and I would like to thank you again for all your help. We really appreciate what you did for us. I think that if I wouldn’t of had hired you my daughter would of probably been expel from the school, and the principal wouldn’t of had change her story the way she did.
Again thank you so much, I will keep your card and refer you anyone that I know that may need your services.

I found Mr. Kosnett while in need of making an urgent decision as to weather or not to a pursue a lawsuit against my university or not. Last minute I called talked to him via phone and 1 hour later was sitting in his office. Not only did he make himself available for me within the hour but offered a free consultation. I have dealt with my share of attorney’s in the past and typically when this happens they will ussually just ” review” your information. And then start the “money” talk for advice on the case.In this case not only did he review, he got straight to the point, asked pertinent questions about MY expectations in this case as the client as far as outcome and then advised me with such sincerity. He told me the bottom line and facts regardless of what I “may have wanted to hear” which is priceless . The topic of ” fees” we’re never even addressed because he offered a better solution so that I wouldn’t even need to persue litigation!(which I’m sure no one does if they can avoid it). He saved me stress, time, and MONEY all in this consultation. I walked in with such stress and left feeling so at peace with the proposed resolve by Mr. Kosnett. I am sooo appreciative ! His advice was spot on and I would DEFENITELY trust him to any future legal representation I may need in the future. If i got all of this with our first meeting i can only imagine what magic he could work in court! He voluntarily went above and beyond and far exceeded my expectaions. BEST HONEST legal advice IVe ever Recieved. 🙂 Its people like this that give lawyers a good name again. Mr. Kosnett if you’re reading this THANK YOU!!!!. And I would refer anyone that needs legal help to YOU!

I met with Mr. Kosnett regarding a dispute against my University. Unfortunately, I made the poor choice to use another attorney and regretted it almost immediately. After this attorney worsened the situation I returned to Mr. Kosnett and he again consulted with me at no charge. He was extremely knowledgeable and not only answered all of my questions but recommended options to attempt before hiring any attorney. In following his advice, I was able to resolve my issue without legal intervention, which was amazing. I found him to be very direct and realistic when communicating, and very strategic in his process. He showed a real in-depth knowledge of the law and higher learning institutional processes. I recommend him to my friends and family.

I have most recently had the opportunity to be represented by James Victor Kosnett. He is a remarkable individual. He is astute not only in his demeanor but in his knowledge of the law and the trial court room proceedings. I have found him to be a messenger from God. I would recommend him to anyone who is in dire straights and is looking for an excellent representative.
Thank you, Mr. Kosnett!
Clarence Sutton, Jr., MD

Dear Mr. Kosnett,
I wanted you to know that all eight of the cases you represented for me were reversed and that the only money I ended up owing was 175 dollars for that one week they had in question.
I cannot thank you enough for your help. It was greatly appreciated. I will keep your office in mind if I, or a friend, ever need legal assistance again. Thanks!

I hired Atty. James Kosnett to assist me in an issue with the Principal at my son’s middle school. I had tirelessly tried to get the principal to allow my son the opportunity to walk in his 8th grade graduation due to their error in not following a 504 plan that was implemented due to my son’s physical disabilities. He was given unfair grades which the school along with heads of the District ignored my letters, phone, calls & even when I physically went to the principal my request fell on deaf ears. It wasn’t until I retained Atty. Kosnett & with his expertise, persistence & the power of his letter that was submitted to the principal & the school district I then received a call from the principal personally stating that my son would be able to walk in the graduation ceremony. I had been denied for weeks & was told they would not change their decision. Well, after being contacted by Atty. Kosnett, that was certainly not the case anymore. I recommend Atty. Kosnett very highly 100% to anyone. He will get the job done & you will be satisfied with the end results. Because of his expert knowledge, my son, who had lost faith in the school system, can now know he will be able to walk with his twin sister & his fellow classmates. Thank you Atty. Kosnett for believing in my son & his dream to walk in his graduation. You gave us hope when all else had failed us.
From a very grateful Mom.

James was very generous with his advice when I was handling an administrative discipline case against a high school student. This is his area of expertise and I highly recommend him to anyone whose client is facing disciplinary proceedings involving any public body.
Steven Wegner

Dear Mr. Kosnett,
We want to thank you for your pro bono efforts on our family’s behalf last spring. We were neither conversant with the steps necessary to address our son’s legal situation, nor able to afford an attorney. Your generous donation of time and clear guidance absolutely saved our peace of mind. We left your office knowing what to expect and what we needed to do under the circumstances. As a result, the following seven months of waiting for word from the authorities were bearable, and our lives were minimally disrupted. Our son was able to concentrate on his schoolwork and maintain his honor roll status, and he was elected president of his senior class. Happily, we received legal notice late in December 2009 that the matter was vacated and all pending action was dropped. Regardless, we knew during that long period that should the worst happen, you were the attorney we would retain at all costs, and felt confident we would be in experienced and capable hands.

The work you are doing on behalf of families like ours is essential in these uncertain times. You enhance respect for your profession and engender admiration for all those who, like yourself, donate their talents, assisting those in need. Needless to say, should we learn of anyone who needs legal representation, you will be emphatically recommended. Know that you will not be forgotten in our hearts and memory.
Respectfully and gratefully,
The Sellers Family

“Mr.Kosnett has been my attorney for two years and has made my life a breath of fresh air! He is compassionate, mindfully listens to my needs, and delivers positive results. In times of urgency, Mr.Kosnett has your best interest at heart. ”

Thanks for everything, in addition to your wonderful legal advice and help, for your humor and sensitivity and support of me through this.

Good afternoon,
This is Andre from UCLA. I came earlier this summer, and my case was later dismissed. Thank you for all your help, and I will definitely recommend you to anyone else who may need it.

Awesome! Yep sdsu fixed it and Colorado state already received it! May be back in school on October 3rd! Thanks so much for all your help James! You really gave us everything we needed and more!

Dear James,
I want to thank you very much for all the hard work you put into Matt’s CSU issue. Dealing with any governmental entity is very difficult. You were successful and got what we desired for Matt. I will be very happy to recommend you whenever I get a chance.

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