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Extremely Satisfied

I received an overpayment notice from the EDD a few months ago and submitted an appeal. I contacted SmartLaw, and they sent me a referral for Kosnett Law Firm. The consultation was free and Mr. Kosnett and his team seemed honest and explained how to prepare for the hearing, what would happen if we lost or won the case, and the cost of service. Rena did an amazing job advocating for me and defending my case during the hearing and we won! I’m glad I chose her to represent me in court and will reach out to her again if needed. – RR

Extremely Satisfied

As a result of his knowledge, experience and critical thinking, Mr. Kosnett helped me achieve the result that I was looking for. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who had similar professional vocational needs to mine. Professional, dedicated, and astute. I’ll always be grateful for the efforts of this team, and I plan to seek Mr. Kosnett’s assistance in the future if needed, and also recommend him to others. – Extremely Satisfied


California Commission on Teaching Credentialing

James was awesome. Extremely professional and always kept me informed. Explained the entire process which made me feel at ease.

Extremely Satisfied

I was referred to Kosnett Law Firm from a fellow parent who went through the same issue with the school district. He called me back BEFORE we had planned as he wanted to get right to work. It was a quick conversation. He was direct and got the info. Within a few short hours I had an email with what I needed to do, paid the invoice on line easily, and before I knew it I was getting a call from the school district saying my situation was handled and my children could register at the new school. The office staff was super friendly and positive. Worth every single penny. If EVER you are going through a situation with a school district, THIS IS THE FIRM TO HIRE!! Amazing, awesome and so very very happy with the results!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

I felt so helpless

James, I am overjoyed to hear this!

I felt so helpless  when no one would help me. They hesitated because they thought my case was too contentious in nature. Nonetheless, it was a breath of fresh air to meet you, what with your competence and the ease with which you were willing to help me. You exemplified law and justice, exclusive of personal bias, and that makes you the paragon of a pretty awesome lawyer!

You were willing to help me despite the short time frame you had to do it all… To have found you is a tremendous blessing.

God bless you and your firm. If I ever have legal concerns, I will contact you without hesitation. I will also gladly refer individuals to your firm. It will always be worth a shot to talk to you guys first!

I’ll be sure to add this good news to my Yelp review. 🙂

Thank you so much!

Help in preparing me for the SJACS meeting

Thank you for all your help in preparing me for the SJACS meeting. I talked with my officer and after a few weeks of deliberation and discussion with my professor, he decided to give me a C- in the class.  They determined that I am only guilty of sharing one of the homework assignments and considered intent in the decision for consequences.  Thank you again for your assistance in this matter.

Guiding our daughter

I wanted to relate my thanks to you for guiding our daughter through the Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards process. Your advice and preparation were invaluable. We will not hesitate to retain your services again in the future, and should the opportunity arise, we will certainly recommend you to others in need of your services.

James and Louis

Dear James and Louis, thank-you again for representing me in my defense and case.  Your knowledge of not only the California Educational Law, but overall educational law was well guided.  I appreciated your time, guidance, recommendations and various options you presented me from start to finish.  Your professionalism and ability to bounce options from defense to counter-suit and the various considerations you presented for defamation and whether to fight or to settle along with other options were greatly appreciated. I am pleased with the outcome and you getting all charges dismissed and the case closed. I am happy to be moving forward with my life and while I don’t anticipate ever needing the legal service again in the future, you can be sure I will recommend your office to anyone that needs assistance with educational law, from administrators to faculty to students, I know your team can help people defend their case.  Again, thanks for the outcome and my best to you and your team in the future.

Peace Of Mind

Mr. James Kosnett is very professional, ethical and great at what he does. During the consultation this afternoon, he gave me free advice on how to deal with a problem I have encountered with my school. I initially contacted him through the phone, he responded quickly helping to put my mind at ease.

Amazing Attorney

James Kosnett is an amazing attorney! He is very helpful, honest, and passionate about his work. I would recommend this law firm to anyone!


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