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The US Supreme Court has held that a university student facing expulsion or other serious discipline is entitled to a due process, which includes fair notice of the charges and a fair opportunity to be heard in one’s own defense. We help students all across the country assert those rights.

However, if you lose, and then exhaust all avenues of appeal at the University, then we can seek relief in a court of law. We file for a writ of mandate, also known as a writ of administrative mandamus.

Depending on the jurisdiction, the process can take from 3 to 9 months, more or less. We can give you a flat rate or quote an hourly fee.

Frequently, after we file for a writ, we are able to negotiate a settlement with the University.

If the matter proceeds to trial, we argue the case based on your administrative record at the university. No new evidence is taken. You do not need to testify, nor even appear at all in court.

Kosnett Law is expert at utilizing this important tool to protect your rights, with dozens of writs over our many years of practice. Let us assist you in your defense!


Whatever the education related issue, we are here to provide the best legal advice and representation, at every level. To schedule a free consultation, call us or email us at 877-959-2937.

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