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Representing Special Education Students

Working through IEPs

In order meet your child’s special needs, you need to find out if he or she qualifies for an individualized education plan (IEP). To do so, you must request an assessment (in writing) and attend an IEP meeting with the school to determine whether your child qualifies for this service. A special education lawyer can represent you or accompany you if you need assistance.

Once you are satisfied with the IEP developed for your child and the school is prepared to meet the recommendations of the evaluation, your child should finally be able to receive the education he or she deserves.

If the school will not agree to an acceptable IEP, then we can invoke due process on your behalf to seek a court order giving your child the proper assistance, at the District’s expense. The Court can also order the District to pay your attorney fees.

Similarly, if you get a good IEP, but the District doesn’t fulfill its agreement, we can invoke the due process.

Often, we resolve these issues through mediation, without the necessity for a hearing.

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